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Exim Global Business is an international society that seamlessly joins independent, committed professionals from very different sectors who are dedicated to building a better world through global exchange.

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We cover your raw materials requirements for various areas of production, simplifying our customers’ tasks so that they can focus on their core business.

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Following in the footsteps of Frederick W. Taylor, Exim Global delivers business advantage and new opportunities through the efficiency provided by cutting edge technologies and methodologies applied to logistics.

What we do

At Exim Global Business, we operate in the forestry, agricultural, chemical and metallurgical sectors, always with an eye to security and reliability. We are very aware of the importance of delivering the best quality products by working with the most reliable producers and implementing the highest quality control standards, both within Europe and internationally.

For decades, we have painstakingly built our giant network of local manufacturers and suppliers, who work in combination with advanced and modern logistics installations, enabling us to us offer the best market opportunities. As international trade professionals, we understand that a global market needs quick, effective and dynamic solutions. That is why we always meet deadlines and scale volumes to earn your trust through our punctuality and stability. In Exim Global Business, we place great importance on the environment and our suppliers use the most advanced renewable energy and conservation techniques.


At Exim Global Business, we realise that we exist thanks to the customer, therefore we emphasise our commitment on our core values of personalised attention to our customers and their needs. We offer security because in times which are often difficult for global companies, it is very important to have permanent, stable and long-term business partners. Punctuality is vital to us, not only as an essential value in global international trade but also because we believe in it as a commitment to and respect for our customers. One of our greatest rewards (and perhaps our main objective) is to earn customer trust through our actions. Our mission is also to ensure stability in global trade networks – that is, to make the best products available to everyone. For that reason, we act with the spirit and dynamism of a company with a great responsibility on their hands, whose every activity scrupulously respects the environment and the world we leave for our children.